We offer excellent facilities to host your child's next Birthday Party. Come in and have fun playing games, and learning some trampoline basics. All parties will have a short warm up using fast paced games on the floor, and move to our four Olympic sized trampolines, rod floor, Air Track, and double - mini trampoline for the rest of the hour.




Party Package - $225.00 + HST


INTRODUCING THE PARTY BUNGEE!!! A special treat for the birthday child alone! Fly through the air in our specialized bungee training system (with the help of our NCCP certified staff of course) in front of all your friends!


  • 1 Hour in the gym includes warm up, rule review, jumping, and demonstration
  • 2 National Coaching Certification Program certified coaches
  • Up to 15 participants (Participants include anyone who enters the gym area)
  • Each participant above first 15 is $6.00 + HST
  • 45 Minutes in our fully decorated party room (parental supervision required)
  • You may supply your own food, refreshments and associated supplies for use in the party room.
  • Set up & Clean up by our staff
  • Includes invitations with map, and 1 loot bag per child
  • Free coffee for the adults

A $100.00 deposit is required to confirm the booking of your party and receive your invitations. The non - refundable deposit is required within 3 days of booking. Deposit payment is by online payment, cash or cheque only. If choosing to pay the balance on the day of the party, payment is by cash or cheque only.


Other information


     * No one is allowed on the trampolines unless they have participated in warm up.

     * Please ensure all participants are wearing appropriate athletic attire -

        Athletic clothing such as t-shirts and shorts or leotards are recommended 

     * No jeans, buttons or zippers are allowed

     * No jewellery is permitted

     * Long hair must be tied back
     * Party times are available Saturdays and Sundays.

     * Special times may be scheduled throughout the week according to gym availability.

     * Parties are available throughout the summer.

     * Last minute bookings are available.

     *An extra 30 minutes in the gym is available for $75.00


Photographs - Participants may take photographs of the party at any time. A non-participant, such as a parent, may only enter the gym to take photographs after arranging it with our coaches.


If you are booking parties beginning September, 2016, please use our online registration tool.



For more information, please call or email.