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Complete Rental

Up to 20 Guests

$350 + HST

We offer excellent facilities to host your next party or function. Come in and enjoy our four Olympic sized trampolines, rod floor, Air Track, and double mini-trampoline for 2 hours of private fun.  Once you arrive at our fully sanitized facility, you will receive safety instructions from one of the fully certified staff, then the facility is yours to enjoy.

- 2 hour private rental of the gym and party room.

- Facility is completely sanitized prior to your arrival

- Fun for up to 20 participants

- Supervision by NCCP certified coaches

Looking for the safest option to run your next Party or Function? 

Why not rent out the entire facility and have your party your way.

Completely Private!


Enjoy the gym and party room for 2 hours of fun for up to 20 guests*.


The facility will be sanitized prior to your group arriving, which makes this possibly the safest option for your party needs.

Party Bungie!

A special treat for the Birthday Child!

I hear it's "FLIPPIN" Awesome

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  • All Rentals are private;  no sharing of the gym as is often the case at other party locations.

  • 2-hour facility rental, which includes the gym and party room.

  • 2 National Coaching Certification Program certified trampoline coaches

  • Up to 20 Guests (Guests include anyone using the gym area) This is due to insurance and anyone entering the gym area will be counted as a guest.  

  • You may supply your own food, refreshments, and associated supplies for use in the party room

  • Clean up by our staff

  • Free coffee for the adults

  • We are following all COVID 19 guidelines.  The facility will be completely sanitized prior to your arrival using heath Canada recommended cleaning solutions. 

  • Coaches will be wearing masks at all times.  Athletes and parents must wear a mask while not participating in physical activity or eating.

  • $50 Non-refundable deposit required at time of booking.  Remainder due 7 days prior to the event.

Other Information


Anti-Gravity requires these to be initialled and emailed to the office upon booking of your event.

     * Please ensure all participants are wearing appropriate athletic attire -

        Athletic clothing such as t-shirts and shorts or leotards are recommended 

     * No jeans, buttons or zippers are allowed

     * No jewelry is permitted

     * Long hair must be tied back
    * Rental times are available Saturdays 

     * Plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery are not included.

     * Last minute bookings are available.


Photographs - Participants may take photographs of the party at any time. 

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