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Provincial athletes compete at Eastern Canadian Championships


A great weekend was spent in Varennes, Quebec for Eastern Canadian championships. A big congratulations to the 10 Anti-Gravity Athletes that qualified for this event!



Keegan Turpin

Trampoline - 5th (L4)

Synco - 1st (L4)

Blake Fera

Trampoline - 14th (L4)

DMT - 2nd (L4)

Brooke Janes

Tumbling - 2nd (L4)

Paige Martin

DMT - 15th (L3)

Emma Campbell

DMT - 4th (L2)

Emma McCormick

DMT - 8th (L2)

Kassidy Spittal

DMT - 7th (L1 13 and Over)

Morgan Sawyer

Tumbling - 20th (L2)

Jordan Scala

Trampoline - 3rd (L1 13 and Over)

DMT - 13th (L1 13 and Over)

Syncro - 3rd (L1)

Claire McFadyen

Trampoline - 18th (L1 12 and under)


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