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Q - How does this differ from regular classes?

A - Regular recreational classes follow lesson plans, and incorporate other components such as double mini trampoline, and conditioning.  Also regular classes are priced based on a 1 class per week throughout our regular season which provides a lower per class rate.

Q - Why does this program cost more than drop in / regular class?

A - Drop in is a supervised only program, and no instruction is given by the coach on hand.  This program provides a highly qualified coach to teach skills, provide spotting, and use safety equipment as needed (throw in mats, overhead ropes, ect).  Regular recreational classes require a weekly commitment by the customer to attend class for the recreational season.  Also administrative, HST, and insurance fees are paid upfront before starting the session.  These fees are included in this cost for open classes.

Q - How do I book my spot?

A - There are 3 ways to book for these classes.  First and easiest will be to click on book now above and book online, second is to send an email to, or call.  These classes will be based on a first come first serve basis so unfortunately trying to book via email or phone may lead to delays preventing you from getting the spot you want, so booking online is recommended.

Q - How do I pay for these classes?

A - You can pay via credit card if booking online, email money transfer set up with our staff, or on the day of your class via cash only.  Sorry no debit or credit card available on location.

Q - Will the coach be qualified to teach advanced skills?

A - Because this program will be geared for all skill levels (unless stated otherwise), it will be coached by an experienced NCCP certified coach.  So no matter your skill level, we have you covered.

How does it work?

- Two trampolines are made available for a 1 hour time slot.  You can come in and use the trampolines to do your own thing, or you can get expert instruction from one of our NCCP qualified coaches.   

- Classes will be limited to 6 participants (3 per tramp), so lots of jumping time.  Booking is based on a first come first serve basis, so book early.

- Pre-booking will be required for these classes and can be done online, by email, or over the phone.

Who is this for?

- Have a backyard trampoline and just want to learn how to flip.  A coach will be on hand to teach the proper progressions to ensure the skills are learned safely.  

- Enjoy our drop in program, but looking for some guidance on how to perform some skills.

- Can't commit to a weekly class but still want to learn trampoline.  

- Competitive athletes looking for some extra instruction

- Recreational athletes looking to perfect those skills

Open Classes


Can't commit to weekly classes, 
but want to learn some trampoline skills?
This is the program for you.